Scientific interests

My research interests lie in the thriving and rapidly developing branch of modern optics called nanophotonics, and particularly at the cutting edge of this research the area of plasmonics, encompassing the photonics of metallic nanostructures. Through coherent coupling of the photonic signal to free electron oscillations in metal, plasmonics offers a unique opportunity to break the diffraction limit of light and therefore to localise and manipulate photonic signals at truly nanoscale dimensions. The unmatched optical properties of metallic nanostructures, connected with extremely high electromagnetic field localisation and consequent dramatic field enhancement attracted great and ever increasing attention to them in the research pursuing strategic avenues of modern science in dimensional, temporal and intensity domains never approached before. This starts from the investigation of fundamental aspects of light-matter interaction, continues with new and/or drastically enhanced optical phenomena and finally reaches a variety of prospective practical applications.

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